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You can easily introduce yourself to the world, by publishing your books via our Fast & Easy services.

Service Fees

Preparing, Publication & Global Distribution Service for each book: 1000 USD

Changing Cover and Inside a book after its publishing: 200 USD

Please contact us for any extra services or packages.

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whole pakage is just 1500$

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The Easy & Fast way to become a Global Author

FastPublication is an Easy, Fast and Sure Solution for global publication of your books.

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Everybody can easily publish any contents like poems, diaries, short stories, thoughts and all other kinds of writings in the global market through important book distributors like bookstores and retail websites such as!

The book can be in any languages (like Arabic, Chinese, Malay, Hebrew,..) and it will be published in the USA

This is the easiest way for you to protect the copyright of your notes as a personal intellectual property. You will also gain the highest author fee by amazon in compare to other common publishers via FastPublication services by selling your books.

Moreover, by FastPublication publishing services, you will reserved all your book rights by yourself and therefore you can publish your book whenever you want with any other publishers in any countries.

In addition, FastPublication can facilitate global books distribution for local book publishers under their publishing company name.

FastPublication also can produce and distribute your music and movies in CD, DVD and electronic formats via amazon system.

Novels & Short Stories

Publish your poems, diaries, short stories or even your blog notes as a book.

Children Books

Publish a fill colored children book.

Academic Books

Publish your research projects such as your university thesis as an academic book.

Our Specific Services for authors 

Our Specific Services for Publishers